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I was recently interviewed via Skype by Hubert O’Hearn from San Francisco Book Review. Hubert has a genuine interest in the classical era and knows his stuff, so it made for a challenging and enjoyable experience. When I was told it would last half an hour I was a little skeptical, as the radio interviews I’ve given have usually only lasted 10 to 15 minutes (excluding music, adverts etc.) It actually took 50 minutes!

Please follow this link to Hubert’s review of The Oracles of Troy: . The recording of his interview with me is found at the bottom of the page – click the green arrow to listen. Be warned, the sound on Hubert’s mic is quite low whereas mine is too high, so keep your fingers on the volume control!

Here are a few more more link to some recent Q&As and reviews of The Oracles of Troy:



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