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Oracles published!

After a chaotic 24 hours of signing up with various e-book retailers, reading endless terms and conditions, uploading book covers and e-book files, The Oracles of Troy is now available for purchase from Amazon (hooray). Click here for the UK page and here for the US page. I actually loaded it up on Thursday night, anticipating a bit of a delay but not realising it could take up to 24 hours! After being contacted by a few fans of the series eager to get on but unable to find the book, it finally appeared about an hour ago. Unfortunately for those who want to purchase through other retailers, I have loaded the book onto Kobo but it won’t be fully processed for up to 48 hours. Other sites such as Barnes & Noble and Waterstones may take a little longer.

I’ll keep this post brief, but to finish I’d like to encourage anyone who reads the book to leave feedback on Amazon or whichever retailer you purchase it from. Feedback makes a lot of difference and I really appreciate hearing what readers think about the books. Thanks for your help.

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