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Theme music for Odysseus!

I was contacted recently by Will Musser, a composer in the States who writes music for film and TV, asking if he could write a piece for my Odysseus books. Being a huge fan of film music, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. He came back to me with a theme that was six minutes long, and which is stunning in every respect. I hope you love it as much as I do: wm_prince-of-ithaca-son-of-laertes. All I need now is a film to go with it!


Orion publishing (who publish the likes of Ian Rankin and Anthony Horowitz) have asked me to review a new novel by JM Alvey, set in Classical Athens. Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

“The Persian War is over. An unaccustomed decade of peace has come to ancient Athens. Philocles, an aspiring comic playwright, is making his living as a writer for hire, and this year is the highlight of his career so far – he has a play in the drama competition at the prestigious Dionysia Festival. The last thing he wants to find on his doorstep is a body with its throat cut.

“Who is the dead man? Is this merely a robbery gone wrong? With the play that could make his name only days away, Philocles must find out the dead man’s name, why he has been murdered – and why the corpse was in his doorway. He soon realises that he is getting caught up in something far bigger than he could have imagined, and there are players in the tragedy who don’t want him looking any further…”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Having studied 5th century Athens in detail at university – including the Dionysia and the comedies of Aristophanes – I’m really looking forward to this. The book is due out next March.

PS I hope you like the new look for the website, using the cover from my latest book, Wrath of the Gods.

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