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A very late blog this week, so apologies for the delay.

I visited Cambridge last weekend for a get together with my old housemates from university. It’s now 21 years since we graduated and we all live in different parts of the country, but we still catch up with each other once a year. Strangely, we don’t talk much about those fun, distant times we shared when younger. I guess it’s because we don’t want to bore our wives and kids, and there’s so much happening in our lives today to catch up on. But it would be nice one year to compare notes and see how differently we remember those days together.

Today is my oldest daughter’s 13th birthday. Suddenly, she’s a teenager! Fortunately, she didn’t do a Kevin on us, but then she’s always been a nice, stable (though messy) child. To celebrate the event, I dug out a few old camcorder DVDs and played them to the kids. Watching them fooling around and having fun six or seven years ago, and seeing how sweet they looked, I wondered at how easy it is to forget all the difficult times – changing nappies, waking up three times in the night, having no time or money for yourself, giving up 90% of your social life, to name just the easy parts. But I’m glad that stuff tends to fade and the good memories remain.

Happy Birthday Tabitha!



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