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I’m the author of nine books about Greek mythology: a hexalogy (?!?) about the Trojan War, from the perspective of Odysseus and his friend, Eperitus; and a trilogy about the twelve labours of Heracles. If you’ve not read any of my books before, all nine are listed below (in reverse order) with links to reviews and some places where you can purchase copies.

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Hero of Olympus


Surpass all odds, break the chains, defeat a god…

Heracles’ trials are far from over. Carrying the weight of the heavens, accompanied only by his most loyal friend, Iolaus, he will do anything to atone for his crimes. But all is not as it seems. Gods and men alike plot against him…

First Heracles must obtain the girdle of the Amazonian Queen, Hippolyta, steal cattle from the monstrous Geryon, and take apples from the Garden of Hesperides.

Through it all Heracles will come to realise his betrayal is more complete than he could ever have imagined. Ultimately, to release himself from his suffering, he must journey deep into Hades, and face death itself…

The final instalment in The Heracles Trilogy, Hero of Olympus is a thrilling triumph, perfect for fans of Miles Cameron, C.F. Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

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Wrath of the Gods


The awe-inspiring myth of loss, labour, and revenge…  Heracles will do whatever it takes for justice

Having completed his first trials, Heracles learns that the shocking murder of his children was part of an evil plot, his mind brought to madness by some strange poison. To regain his honour, he must uncover the secret behind this terrible betrayal.

Despite the revelation, he continues the twelve trials. Charis, servant of vengeful Hera, sets him a series of seemingly impossible tasks: slay the terrifying Erymanthian Boar, clean the filthy Augean Stables, defeat the man-eating Stymphalian Birds and best the colossal Cretan Bull…

As Zeus rages and Hera plots, Heracles must fight on, clad in the impenetrable hide of the Nemean Lion, and with his loyal nephew Iolaus at his side. But as his labours grow ever more dangerous, will he have time to uncover his family’s murderer before it’s too late?

An epic, unputdownable read about the greatest of myths, Wrath of the Gods is perfect for readers of Christian Cameron, C.F. Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

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Son of Zeus


Impossible odds versus the world’s mightiest hero: the epic story of Heracles grippingly retold.

Heracles has done something unforgivable. Son of the King of Olympus and saviour of Thebes, Heracles is adored by all. Until his world is shattered. Born from Zeus’s adultery, he has become the unwitting prey of Hera, who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Haunted by his crimes, he seeks penance with the Delphic oracle and is ordered to complete twelve seemingly unconquerable labours. Armed with superhuman strength and an unshakeable resolve, Heracles must overcome not just the mythical beasts of his trials, but the vengeful gods themselves.

Even for Heracles, redemption will not come easily. He has only one choice: to fight.

An awe-inspiring retelling of the myth of Heracles, Son of Zeus is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, C.F. Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

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Return to Ithaca


Odysseus has been to Hell and back. Deserted by the Gods, and now in bitter conflict with his friend Eperitus, times look bleak. He dreams of returning to his home; to Ithaca.

But back on Ithaca things look little better. His son Telemachus and wife Penelope are besieged by a gang of suitors, believing Odysseus to be dead and looking for her hand in marriage.

Odysseus and Eperitus have survived everything. But now they face a last test, perhaps the most difficult of all… Can they reclaim what has been lost?

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The Voyage of Odysseus 

Voyage of Odysseus_Cover_e-book (2)The armies of Troy have been defeated and the city lies in ruins, but for Odysseus the greatest challenge is just beginning.

With his oath fulfilled, Odysseus sets sail for Ithaca and the long-awaited reunion with his family. But the gods who were once his allies have turned against him, exiling him and the warrior Eperitus into a world populated with seductive demi-gods and man-eating monsters.

As they struggle from one supernatural encounter to another, never knowing what the next landfall will bring, their chances of ever returning home grow fainter. Tensions reach breaking point between Odysseus and his crew. Even the faithful Eperitus’s loyalties are divided.

But one hope remains. If Odysseus is to see his wife and son again, he must follow the paths of the dead and descend into the pits of Hell…

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The Oracles of Troy

The Oracles of TroyWhen the greatest warriors of Greece have fallen, only the cunning and determination of one man can bring victory.

Achilles and Ajax are dead and the hope of the Greeks has died with them, leaving the army restless for their homes and threatening rebellion. Then a series of oracles appears, utterances from the gods that must be fulfilled if Troy is to be defeated and the war brought to an end. Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks, knows that only one man has the courage and intelligence to complete the tasks set by the Olympians: Odysseus, king of Ithaca.

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The Armour of Achilles

book1The siege of Troy is in its ninth year. The Greeks, with Achilles at their head, have inflicted numerous defeats on the Trojans, but Troy itself still stands.

When Agamemnon is threatened with mutiny by a disillusioned army wanting to return home he changes his tactics by ordering a series of attacks on the allies of Troy, thus depriving the city of reinforcements, trade and supplies. But even this cannot draw the Trojans out from behind their walls.

Odysseus, Eperitus and their men have become hardened soldiers. Tired and bitter about the war, Odysseus just wants to return home to his island Kingdom of Ithaca. But while Agammenon is still determined to revenge himself upon Troy for the theft of Helen by Paris, then Odysseus is held by the oath that he himself created.

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The Gates of Troy

book2It’s ten years since Odysseus and the warrior, Eperitus, joined the heroes of the age to compete for the hand of Helen of Sparta. Settled in his small island kingdom, Odysseus wants nothing more than to rule Ithaca in peace.

Meanwhile Eperitus, frustrated at his quiet life, dreams of glory in battle.   When the lion-motifed sails of Agamemnon appear on the horizon, Odysseus knows that the time for peace is over and a time of war is beginning. Helen of Sparta has been abducted by a prince of Troy and the hosts of ancient Greece are gathering.

As the greatest names flock to join the crusade, only Achilles is missing. Odysseus must use all his wits and cunning to hunt him down and persuade him to join their cause. For without Achilles, the gates of Troy will never fall…

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King of Ithaca

bookBook One in The Adventures of Odysseus

Greece is a country in turmoil, divided by feuding kingdoms desiring wealth, power and revenge. When Eperitus, a young exiled soldier, comes to the aid of a group of warriors in battle, little does he know that it will be the start of an incredible adventure. For he is about to join the charismatic Odysseus, Prince of Ithaca, on a vital quest to save his homeland.

Odysseus travels to Sparta to join the most famous heroes of the time in paying suit to the sensuous Helen. Armed with nothing but his wits and intelligence, he must enter a treacherous world of warfare and politics to compete for the greatest prize in Greece. But few care for the problems of an impoverished prince when war with Troy is beckoning . . .

An epic saga set in one of the most dramatic periods of history, King of Ithaca is a voyage of discovery in one man’s journey to become a king – and a legend.

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