Hero of Olympus


Hero of Olympus

Book Three in The Heracles Trilogy


Surpass all odds, break the chains, defeat a God…

Heracles’ trials are far from over. Carrying the weight of the heavens, accompanied only by his most loyal friend, Iolaus, he will do anything to atone for his crimes. But all is not as it seems. Gods and men alike plot against him…

First Heracles must obtain the girdle of the Amazonian Queen, Hippolyta, steal cattle from the monstrous Geryon, and take apples from the Garden of Hesperides.

Through it all Heracles will come to realise his betrayal is more complete than he could ever have imagined. Ultimately, to release himself from his suffering, he must journey deep into Hades, and face death itself…

The final instalment in The Heracles Trilogy, Hero of Olympus is a thrilling triumph, perfect for fans of Miles Cameron, C.F. Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.


‘The minute I saw the final chapter of the tales of Heracles was out, I purchased it and knew that I would be neglecting my work for the next few days. I did and wasn’t disappointed. While not exactly the stories I remember from Bullfinch’s Mythology or other stories of my youth, Iliffe brings them to life and keeps you reading. His descriptions of the monsters and places Heracles encounters are wonderful and you feel you’re at his side. It was also great to visit with Odysseus a little at the beginning of the books.’ –Amazon 4-star review.

‘A gripping read in keeping with the previous books. I would recommend the trilogy to anyone interested in the Greek myths.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘I have read all his books now on Greek Mythology and they have all been top notch. I catch myself constantly checking to see what else he is writing so I can look forward to his next work. His versions of these ancient Greek stories humanize the characters which make the stories more interesting to read. I’m already looking forward to his next book and hopefully it will be another series..’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘In this final instalment, Hercules must face his toughest tasks yet, including confronting the Amazons and descending to the Underworld itself. Nothing works out exactly as planned, but the veracity of this book is the way the author draws you in and invests you in Heracles’s success and survival. Every battle, every setback and every victory – however minor- leaves you exhausted from the effort!
Glyn Iliffe transports you back to ancient Greece, to a time when the divide between man and his was less clearly defined. He rebuilds the world with his stunning landscapes and beautiful imagery. This book – the whole series – is something that should not be missed..’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘The author is an extraordinary writer. He has captured the most important myths on Hercules 12 trials and gathered them in an awesome trilogy that is very enjoyable. I believe that these books are to become the Classics of our time.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

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