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A few days ago, I was interviewed for Local Heroes at the Beerhouse in Market Harborough. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the interviewers – Dave Hall and Joff Brown – asked a whole range of questions about how I got started as an author, my inspirations, my writing process, how I deal with the editing stage, and how I face up to feedback, among other questions. There was a bit of beer tasting (it was in a pub, after all) and a few live songs thrown in to boot – thankfully not sung by me, but by the Musician in Residence at the Beerhouse, James Condon, who is truly excellent. Please take the time to have a listen. I think you’ll be roundly entertained, and hopefully you’ll get a good insight into me and my writing. The link to the podcast is here.


Now, an update on my latest writing project. Currently, I’m three quarters through the first book in a trilogy about Jason and the Argonauts (remember the film?) It’s shaping up well so far and I’m enjoying getting to know a whole new set of characters, along with the reappearance of a familiar face from my previous books. However, I also have another book idea – not Greek mythology this time – which keeps imposing itself on me and presenting a distraction. Therefore I’ve decided I need to get that book written before I finish the first Jason book. Sounds crazy and feels risky (I’ve never paused in the middle of one book to start on another before), but I think I have to do it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up the Jason book again later in the year. The break might help me to return to it with added perspective.


Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a fixed date for the publication of the paperbacks for my Heracles trilogy. I’m pressing my publisher about this and will post something as soon as I get a date.

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