Return to Ithaca


Return to Ithaca

Book Six in The Adventures of Odysseus


Odysseus has been to Hell and back. Deserted by the Gods, and now in bitter conflict with his friend Eperitus, times look bleak. He dreams of returning to his home; to Ithaca.

But back on Ithaca things look little better. His son Telemachus and wife Penelope are besieged by a gang of suitors, believing Odysseus to be dead and looking for her hand in marriage.

Odysseus and Eperitus have survived everything. But now they face a last test, perhaps the most difficult of all… Can they reclaim what has been lost?


‘As ever, the tale is well written and the characters – although fantastic – have an air of realism about them that invests you in their fate. Will Odysseus finally make it home after two decades away from his wife and son? Will he rekindle his long friendship with Eperitus? Will he defeat the plague of warriors bleeding Ithaca dry?

I felt like it took a while for things to get going but by Zeus, once the action starts I did NOT want to put the book down – it is truly gripping. And that is a huge achievement for Iliffe because, as a student of classical history, I already knew how this story was going to end. Yet I was drawn in, unable to tear my eyes away from the pages as if the face of the Medusa was staring out at me!’  Steven A. McKay, author of Wolf’s Head

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‘The story of Odysseus comes to a close as he returns to Ithaca to reclaim his home, his throne and his family.  The emotional roller coaster ride the main characters experience is the highlight of this volume.  Odysseus, Eperitus, Telemachus and Penelope go through the gamut of doubt and fear; hope and happiness as they battle the scheming suitors for the right to rule.  The story is well known and it is a credit to the author for taking it and making it his own, giving the reader a fresh look at this ancient tale.  5 stars’  Hoover Book Review 


‘A series of books this good leaves me in a quandary, do I go to work or phone in sick for the next 3 weeks? do I read non stop, wanting to read all of it or savour it and read it slowly? this is the problem with reading by kindle, once you have read something this good, you want to buy the series just to display it’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Couldn’t put it down. I have heard much about the tales and not known the story. Thank you very much Glyn Iliffe for all your hard work. It was a pleasure to read it’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘I was thoroughly immersed into the world of Odysseus from the very beginning and found it very hard to put down once reading it. As with all the series it is a great read and a very well written and imaginative story. I thoroughly recommend this book and all the previous books and I am looking forward already to the next book. If you like Ancient Greek mythology then this is the series for you, you won’t be disappointed and wish you’d discovered this author earlier. Many thanks Glyn for another excellent read’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘The sixth and final book in the series has tied things up in a great way. Although of course the ending shouldn’t have come as a total surprise to anyone with a knowledge of the original stories, Glyn’s writing style and ability to keep you constantly hooked has made for a great finale. Quite a few books can leave you with a less than satisfactory conclusion or not quite the outcome that you would have hoped for but certainly not this one!
Yes, I know that the lines between the heroes and villains are clearly drawn and the main female characters are beautiful and the young men are handsome but the telling of this entire series has been first class from the beginning of volume one, King of Ithaca. I have thoroughly enjoyed the way that Glyn portrays his cast and for me the characterisation is excellent.
One of the biggest pluses throughout the entire series is Glyn’s ability to portray the locations so well to the point that visualisation comes easily and as a consequence you are immersed into the story from the moment you pick up the book which makes for a smooth read. A lot of authors don’t have this ability and coupled with good non repetitive dialogue between the characters and a way of keeping you fully interested all the way through, for me this series is at the top of the tree. The very top! I can now look forward to rereading this entire series again knowing the enjoyment it will provide.
As with the previous five instalments the proof reading and presentation are second to none. First class stuff!
Thank you Glyn for persevering with the series after all of the publishing difficulties that you’ve encountered along the way, I’m sure you’ve amassed a following that are looking forward to future work from you!’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Glyn Iliffe’s best yet. A rollicking series of stories boiling down to one last showdown. The author’s skill lies in the characterisation of each of the main players. Yes he had a limited frame to work in, with the Iliad and Odyssey providing the backbone, but he adds depth and huge enjoyment comes from adventuring with each of the heroes and heroines, feeling their betrayals and joining with them when their mettle was tested. Much recommended from the first chapter of the first book to not being able to put the last chapter down, despite the late hour’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Like all of Iliffe’s Odysseus books in this series, blood flows like water as stubborn heroes persist in beating improbable odds. The storyline was penned by Homer around 2,800 years ago, so there shouldn’t be any surprises, however Iliffe brings life and excitement to his ancient text. If you intend to read this book then you really should start with the first one in this series and follow through the other books to fully understand the storyline. This may take a while because this is an epic story. As well as enjoying a good tale you will also enjoy seeing Iliffe growing as an author and developing a more flowing and free style.
If you enjoy historical blood and guts, then this series is for you’ –Amazon 5-star review.

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