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A few reviews… and an interview with Eperitus!

There have been a few excellent articles recently about The Voyage of Odysseus and I wanted to share them here for everyone to have a look.

The first is from the Edinburgh Book Review. It’s in-depth and very nicely written – well worth a read. See the excerpt below:

“Iliffe expertly walks a thin line throughout The Voyage Of Odysseus, treading carefully but steadily between the fantastical fancies of Homer’s Odyssey and the harshly realistic tone established in his own earlier novels. It is no mean feat having to crowd your story with gods, monsters and miracles, and then still being able to draw a genuine reaction of wonder or mortal dread from your characters every single time – let alone from your audience. Yet Iliffe continues to push the envelope, making Cyclopes, Sirens and demi-gods lift themselves off the page with startling vigour, and making each peril his heroes face feel more harrowing than the last, pushing them past hope and despair and back again with loving malice – just as Homer would have wanted.” Read the full review here.

The second gets five stars from The Hoover Book Review:

“The author brings the reader into the constant drama surrounding Odysseus, Eperitus and the rest of the Ithacans; bringing to life the horrors faced, the circumstances that threaten to unravel everything they hold dear.  I kept thinking, man, how much more can they take?” Read the full article here.

The third comes from an online magazine, The Jitty, for youth in Leicestershire (my home county):

Through these adventures, Iliffe beautifully strikes a balance between the mysterious magic and fantasy of the Greek myths and legends, and the hard reality of war and sacrifice that he has laid out in his previous novels.” The full review can be read here.

And the fourth is a Q&A with 2 Book Lovers Reviews, which includes original questions such as what would I do in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

I’ve also written articles about Greek mythology in British Literature, on the English Historical Fiction Author blogsite, and the katabasis (the descent into Hell), on the Eagles and Dragons Publishing website.

I hope you enjoy reading the above, but if you want a bit more… how about an interview with Eperitus himself? Just as Clark Kent has a direct line to Superman, I also have unique access to Odysseus’s right-hand man. So if there are any questions you would want to put to Eperitus, please drop them in the comments below or get in touch via my contact page. You can ask anything, though I might edit out any plot spoilers for the most recent book. I’ll also be posing the same question on Facebook and elsewhere and will come back with Eperitus’s answers in a week or two.

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  1. Kate
    May 6, 2016 at 6:57 pm #

    I might be misreading, but did Eperitus have a thing for Penelope in King of Ithica?

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