King of Ithaca

King of Ithaca

bookBook One in The Adventures of Odysseus

Greece is a country in turmoil, divided by feuding kingdoms desiring wealth, power and revenge. When Eperitus, a young exiled soldier, comes to the aid of a group of warriors in battle, little does he know that it will be the start of an incredible adventure. For he is about to join the charismatic Odysseus, Prince of Ithaca, on a vital quest to save his homeland.

Odysseus travels to Sparta to join the most famous heroes of the time in paying suit to the sensuous Helen. Armed with nothing but his wits and intelligence, he must enter a treacherous world of warfare and politics to compete for the greatest prize in Greece. But few care for the problems of an impoverished prince when war with Troy is beckoning . . .

An epic saga set in one of the most dramatic periods of history, King of Ithaca is a voyage of discovery in one man’s journey to become a king – and a legend.



‘The world of this novel appears as many scholars see that of Homer: a rich melange of different eras … It has suspense, treachery, and bone-crunching action…It will leave fans of the genre eagerly awaiting the rest of the series’ –Harry Sidebottom, Times Literary Supplement

King of Ithaca proves to be a voyage of discovery – both for Odysseus and the readers. It’s an epic tale told with an academic’s eye for history and a born storyteller’s feel for credible dialogue and the power of suspense. A promising debut and a welcome addition to the world of historical fiction’ –Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

King of Ithaca is a great read which embodies the finest elements of war, friendship and betrayal that can be found in Homer’s great works.  Iliffe brilliantly brings to life Ancient Greece once again with reference to the almighty gods, royalty and some of the most brutal warriors of the ancient times. This is a must read for those who enjoy good old epic battles, chilling death scenes and the extravagance of ancient Greece’ –Lifestyle Magazine

‘Iliffe revitalises the epic saga while maintaining the crackling immediacy that has made it such a favourite over the centuries.  This new series promises to place him at the forefront of the historical fiction genre’ –Olivia Sayers, The Catholic Herald

‘The reader does not need to be classicist by any means to enjoy this epic and stirring tale.  It makes a great novel and would be an even better film’ –Historical Novels Review


‘I found it utterly fascinating, the historic detail was excellent.  This was an easy and enjoyable read, and I am looking forward to the next instalments to see how he handles the more famous parts of the story.  As a personal read I can absolutely recommend it’ –Book Talk Bournemouth

‘I’ve loved classical tales since childhood so was eager to see what this new author did with the material. It’s an exciting story with plenty of action, and the requisite supernatural elements. I am no scholar, and I am sure that purists will pick holes in this novel as they always do, but if you are a fan of writers like Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden you will enjoy this. If you don’t already know the story, it doesn’t matter; and if you do, there are some surprising plot twists to keep readers on their toes’ –Rachel Hyde,

‘So. Odysseus’ early years. And wonderful, in the sense that you are there with him, seeing it all, experiencing it. Of course, I would rather have had a little more of Helen and/or Penelope. But I wasn’t left without a character who was me. The Clytemnestra in this version of the events leading up to the war is perfect. Read it. Afterwards, when you come across Odysseus again in other books or films, you will know him as very few of those around him do. You become part of his world, and he becomes part of yours. I’ve never written those words before in a review, but they apply to all the best historical fiction. And probably to all the best fiction’ –Kanti Burns

‘Iliffe is no writer of turgid prose. He combines masterly writing skills with imagination as he recreates the legend of Troy and the principal characters who lived out the story… and it all works well, very well. Iliffe has understated the role of the gods, and this fits well with modern sensibilities, yet allows his to be faithful to the original yarn – which after all is mostly myth and legend. It is no “Clash of the Titans” corn. What he has done is highlight the role of Odysseus and this allows the breadth of the original to be followed as Odysseus was the only one who was mainly present at all the significant steps that led to the war’ –


‘If historical novels are your thing and you only read three books this year, make it this trilogy. Beautifully written, un-put-downable. For me this just shades Gemmel’s Troy trilogy’ –Amazon 5-star review

‘I was hooked from the first page and could not put it down. The story telling from this fantastic author is outstanding. It draws you in and doesn’t let go until the book ends… an absolute must buy for any historical fiction fan. You won’t be disappointed with this book. Can’t wait to read the second… Great writing Mr Iliffe’ –Amazon 5-star review

‘Very good. Fans of Iggulden, Scarrow, Cornwell, et al will like this. Well written and the characters are fleshed out and have some good depth. The book sticks closely to the myth with a few embellishments that actually add to the story. I have just ordered the sequel’ –Amazon 4-star review

‘Something about the language and storyline reminded me so much of Homer in translation that despite the predictability of the theme, I was drawn to this book as though I were discovering the tale for the first time. There was also the je ne sais quoi factor that marks this author as unique amongst those who would vie for a spot in the historical fiction spotlight. I’m not only recommending this book, but about to go out and get some more by the same author…’ – 4-star review

‘Despite the familiarity of the subject matter, the author’s contribution to this mythos is a sterling one. Iliffe writes with authority and enthusiasm, sweeping us along as his book alternately involves political machinations, pure fantasy and of course bloodthirsty battles. Iliffe takes the step of making up the leading character, Eperitus, a close friend and confidante of the legendary hero Odysseus. This allows him to have some fun and a little leeway with the plotting. I found the story to be full of “meat”, with excellent action sequences, the requisite amount of traitorous doings and a large cast that’s well-handled despite the oft confusing character names’ – 4-star review

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