The Voyage of Odysseus


The Voyage of Odysseus

Book Five in The Adventures of Odysseus

Voyage of Odysseus_Cover_e-book (2)The armies of Troy have been defeated and the city lies in ruins, but for Odysseus the greatest challenge is just beginning.

With his oath fulfilled, Odysseus sets sail for Ithaca and the long-awaited reunion with his family. But the gods who were once his allies have turned against him, exiling him and the warrior Eperitus into a world populated with seductive demi-gods and man-eating monsters.

As they struggle from one supernatural encounter to another, never knowing what the next landfall will bring, their chances of ever returning home grow fainter. Tensions reach breaking point between Odysseus and his crew. Even the faithful Eperitus’s loyalties are divided.

But one hope remains. For Odysseus to see his wife and son again, he must follow the paths of the dead and descend into the pits of Hell…


‘From one adventure to another the pace never lets up. Like Homer’s original, Glyn Iliffe’s series is destined to become a classic!’ Steven A. McKay, author of Wolf’s Head

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‘Iliffe expertly walks a thin line throughout The Voyage Of Odysseus, treading carefully but steadily between the fantastical fancies of Homer’s Odyssey and the harshly realistic tone established in his own earlier novels. It is no mean feat having to crowd your story with gods, monsters and miracles, and then still being able to draw a genuine reaction of wonder or mortal dread from your characters every single time – let alone from your audience. Yet Iliffe continues to push the envelope, making Cyclopes, Sirens and demi-gods lift themselves off the page with startling vigour, and making each peril his heroes face feel more harrowing than the last, pushing them past hope and despair and back again with loving malice – just as Homer would have wanted.’ Edinburgh Book Review

‘The author brings the reader into the constant drama surrounding Odysseus, Eperitus and the rest of the Ithacans; bringing to life the horrors faced, the circumstances that threaten to unravel everything they hold dear.  I kept thinking, man, how much more can they take?’  Hoover Book Review 

‘Through these adventures, Iliffe beautifully strikes a balance between the mysterious magic and fantasy of the Greek myths and legends, and the hard reality of war and sacrifice that he has laid out in his previous novels.’  The Junction


‘It takes an immensely talented author to delve into one of the most popular and well known sagas in history and make it his own. Glyn Iliffe does this and more. In his fifth book about the adventures of the fabled Odysseus, the famous poem continues to be transformed into a vivid telling of the story and the men and women behind Odysseus’ many exploits. The Cyclops, Charybdis and Scylla, and Odysseus’ descent into Hades are all described and retold in such amazing detail that our imagination brings us into the story, as if we were there living through the travails of Odysseus through worlds untravelled, as well as his beloved, Penelope, on Ithaca. I have to recommend this amazing series to anyone familiar with or interested in Greek mythology, or to anyone who’s looking for an epic tale that just gets better with each book! I’m looking forward to the sixth book, which I’m sure will blow us away again! Thank you Glyn!’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘A recent trip to Greece made me want to know more about Greek Mythology in a pleasant way. I wanted a good story, but still close to the original. With Glyn Iliffe’s series retelling Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, I found exactly what I wanted. Not only did I devour the books but they also made me want to know more about the original myths. The plot moves fast, the characters are well developed, particularly Odysseus who, it seems, Glyn splits into two characters, achieving a unique portrayal of the complexity of this famous adventurer’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘I was thoroughly immersed into the world of Odysseus from the very beginning and found it very hard to put down once reading it. As with all the series it is a great read and a very well written and imaginative story. I thoroughly recommend this book and all the previous books and I am looking forward already to the next book. If you like Ancient Greek mythology then this is the series for you, you won’t be disappointed and wish you’d discovered this author earlier. Many thanks Glyn for another excellent read’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘What a gem, Iliffe’s Odysseus series just gets better and better. Of course, he has a fairly strict narrative to work with but he does it so well, humanising the characters, especially Odysseus’ conscience, Eperitus and making you care about them and their fate. I have genuinely enjoyed this series of books and have been well rewarded for plucking out a book about something I previously had little interest in’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Having devoured the previous books in the series—King of Ithaca, the Gates of Troy, the Armour of Achilles, and the Oracles of Troy—I couldn’t wait for this, the latest instalment, to reach us. I have always been enchanted by the myths and legends of ancient Greece, the Odyssey in particular, and it has been beautifully retold here. Glyn Iliffe continues the story, brilliantly leading us from the aftermath of the siege of Troy into Odysseus’s fateful journey home to his beloved Ithaca, and he captures all that I love about the story… the exciting battles, the heartache of a home just out of reach, the romance, the monsters. The problem now is that I have to wait for the next instalment’ –Amazon 5-star review.

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