Son of Zeus

Son of Zeus

Book One in The Heracles Trilogy


Impossible odds versus the world’s mightiest hero: the epic story of Heracles grippingly retold.

Heracles has done something unforgivable. Son of the King of Olympus and saviour of Thebes, Heracles is adored by all. Until his world is shattered. Born from Zeus’s adultery, he has become the unwitting prey of Hera, who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Haunted by his crimes, he seeks penance with the Delphic oracle and is ordered to complete twelve seemingly unconquerable labours. Armed with superhuman strength and an unshakeable resolve, Heracles must overcome not just the mythical beasts of his trials, but the vengeful gods themselves.

Even for Heracles, redemption will not come easily. He has only one choice: to fight.

An awe-inspiring retelling of the myth of Heracles, Son of Zeus is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, C.F. Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.


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Son of Zeus is a wonderful telling of the first part of the Heracles myth; the enmity and hatred of Hera toward him is the focal point as Heracles struggles mightily not only with the first three challenging labors but with his own peace of mind as he tries to understand why he murdered his children.  Heracles, while known for his strength, is shown to be a man totally driven to find the redemption he is promised, and it is this aspect that drives the narrative. The three labors in this tale are marvelously written; the rank bestiality and cunning of the Nemean Lion; the absolute innocence of a young girl in the Ceryneian Hind; the seeming unstoppable Hydra, take the reader into the heart of the action and drama. While Heracles is up against impossible tasks, his wife Megara is also trying to come to grips with the horror she had gone through. This story line, her search for the answer as to why he did what he did, is crafted in a heart rending fashion, and is another example of the author’s skill in presenting believable characters.  4 stars’  Hoover Book Review


‘I thoroughly enjoyed Glyn Iliffe’s Odysseus series and so was expecting big things from Son of Zeus. And got more than I bargained for! The book is incredible… The action is impressive, you can almost feel the cuts and bruises Hercules suffers in his labours. The author’s use of language and imagery is exceptional. You can see the landscapes in your mind’s eye, from mountains to swampland, and the monsters Hercules encounters are terrifying in their descriptions. As to Hercules himself, the character, his challenges and magnetism are what make this story the masterpiece it is. You find yourself suffering the labours with him, feeling his pain and torment and understanding the loss and confusion which haunted him through his labours. This is a terrific adventure, one not to be missed by any fan of the Greek myths, or anyone wanting to enjoy a jolly good read. Fantastic!’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Absolutely adored this book!! Excellent writing, excellent story telling- just couldn’t get enough and now eagerly anticipating the next books!’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Once I started I couldn’t put this book down, Glyn Iliffe is a master of historical fiction, drawing you into the tale like one of the bards of old. Well done Glyn, roll on book 2.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘Glyn once again captures the imagination with the personal touch he gives this hero we all know from our childhood. Little bits of detail he adds to his stories really help you picture yourself there alongside Heracles. While taking some liberties with the legend it’s like reading a new tale, not just a re-hashing of the same old story. I’m a big fan of this already and really looking forward to the next installment. If you’re a fan of Simon Scarrow or Ben Kane this is right up your street.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘An excellent telling of the first three trials of Heracles with flashbacks to previous events. These flashbacks expand he story without spoiling the narrative. I look forward to the next two books.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

‘After reading the Odysseus series I wanted to start this one. It seemed to start slow and then Bam the first labor! My heart was racing and I was ten years old again. I haven’t felt ten in fifty-one years. Can’t wait for the next book.’ –Amazon 5-star review.

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